signature vanilla
chocolate glazed (pictured)
lemon poppy seed
key lime

family favorites   
grandma jingle's chewy chocolate chip
max's m&m's - new flavor!
chocolate chip pecan
munk's peanut butter
munk's peanut butter chocolate chunks
junior munk's pb&j
lauri's ginger snaps (pictured)
paul's oat scotchies (pictured)
jen & jac's spiced oatmeal
paula's rum raisin
oatmeal with chocolate chips
sunrise cookies 
cc's fruitastic (pictured)
tiff's peanut butter banana
mella's chocolate almond
kallie's carrot - new flavor!

wheat-free breakfast cookie made with quality ingredients including whey protein, garbanzo bean and brown rice flour, almonds, honey
chocolate & vanilla
cranberry almond
chocolate & pistachio (pictured)
chocolate & cherry
orange walnut
jen-love's sandwich cookies
ella-o's (pictured)
mag madi's caramel
anna's lemon cream
harrington's key lime
sonny's peanut butter
contact us to order!
prices are $15.00 per dozen
add 2.25% tax for all sales in Illinois

bulk order & wholesale pricing available
minimum orders may apply

we are proud to donate a portion of sales to our “sweet attila’s gives” program.
When possible Sweet Attila’s is pleased to offer its cookies in the following alternatives:
Wheat-free l Corn-free l Egg-free l Peanut-free l Dairy-free l Sugar-free
While we are pleased to offer these options, Sweet Attila’s does not bake in an allergen-free kitchen and our cookies are produced on equipment which also produces items containing these substances. We will not assume any liability for adverse reactions to foods consumed, or items one may come in contact with.
cc’s fruitastic      tiff’s peanut butter banana  mella’s chocolate almond
per 1 cookie         per 1 cookie   per 1 cookie
calories    66        calories103    calories 67
fat    2g        fat5.5g    fat        2.4g
fiber 1.5g      fiber     1.8g    fiber     1.5g
protein     2.75g    protein  4.2g   protein  2.9g
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our site; if you don’t or if you have questions
please feel free to contact us 
phone: 312.835.8444 or email:!
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